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Weekly Spotlight: 28 January 2024

1.      Belize Security Staff Complete Weapons and Ammunition Training


Twenty-three members of the Belize Defence Force (BDF), Belize Police Department (BPD), and Belize Coast Guard (BCG) completed a week-long weapons and ammunition management training programme aimed at improving the ability of security personnel to safely inspect ammunition stores, secure armouries, and adjust security protocols wherever necessary. The training was conducted in collaboration between the BPD and the CARICOM Implementation Agency for Crime and Security (IMPACS) and Mines Advisory Group (MAG) in response to an early 2023 assessment of the state of armouries and ammunition stores in Belize. Deputy Commissioner of Police Bart Jones explained that that training both improved the foundation skills of security personnel, and prevented the likelihood of weapons falling into the hands of criminal actors.

2.      Nigeria Employs Solar-Powered Irrigation Pumps to Help Improve Food Security


A new project led jointly by HortiNigeria and the International Fertiliser Development Centre has resulted in the introduction of ten solar panels across four Nigerian states to help improve regional and national food security. The solar-powered pumps have facilitated the sustainable, cost-efficient cultivation of crops including okra, tomatoes, peppers, and cabbage, whilst the programme has also provided training to over 50,000 residents regarding long-term sustainable agricultural practices. According to HortiNigeria’s Programme Director Mohammed Idris, the project will “streamline agricultural productivity and significantly reduce the carbon footprint of farming activities”, both of which may significantly improve Nigeria’s overall food security.


3.      Intruder Enters Delhi Airport in Major Security Breach  


At 2330hrs (local time) on 27 January 2024, Delhi airport witnessed a significant security breach as a local man illegally entered the main airstrip. Authorities were first alerted to the incident when an Air India pilot spotted the suspect on the tarmac whilst parking his aircraft. Following this report, the Central Industrial Security Forces (CISF) shortly apprehended the suspect, a drug addict from Haryana State’s Nuh district, and escorted him to a local police stationing for further processing. As of writing, it remains unclear how the suspect breached the airport’s security perimeter, or whether they entered with any malicious intent.


4.      Cybersecurity Specialists Among 122 Appointed as Singapore Armed Forces Senior Military Experts


On 25 January 2024, 122 service personnel from the Singaporean Armed Forces (SAF) were appointed senior military experts, including several with expertise within the cybersecurity sector. Tan Jia Le, a graduate of the SAF’s Command, Control, Communications, and Computers Expert (C4X) scheme and recipient of the 2024 Sword of Honour award, explained that “many of the people who are graduating from cyber-security courses are heading to the private sector, but I felt there was a need for people to stand up and join the public sector to boost its cyber expertise”. In addition to the C4X scheme, the SAF has also run the Military Domain Experts Scheme (MDES), a programme geared towards improving the cyber security, intelligence, engineering, and medical skills of the Singaporean military, since 2010 to modernise the country’s security sector to best prepare against emerging technological threats.


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