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About Us


To enhance resilience to security challenges across the Commonwealth.


The Commonwealth Security and Resilience Group (formerly Commonwealth Security Group) is a Commonwealth Accredited Organisation founded to inform and understand decision making and policy; to build new partnerships; and to promote leadership and expertise from across the wider Commonwealth community in addressing local, regional and global challenges.

The Group is mandated to energise networks throughout the Commonwealth to enhance the security and resilience of member states, and the organisations and communities within them.

The Challenge

Human, environmental, political and economic threats cannot be seen in isolation. They are trans-border, inter-linked, and insoluble without international cooperation both in hard and soft power. At a time of increasing uncertainty, and ever greater global inter-connectivity, these multi-faceted challenges demand an immediate and international response. 

Through focused programmes, high level dialogues, events, research and publications the Commonwealth Security and Resilience Group seeks to drive this response. 

Our Objectives


  • Provide a platform for multi-stakeholder dialogue on challenges facing the Commonwealth and options for their solution.

  • Contribute to ongoing security programmes of the Commonwealth Secretariat and CHOGM; promoting the Commonwealth network as an engine for tackling global security challenges.

  • Highlight success stories in security and resilience from across the Commonwealth community, encouraging best practice.

  • Coordinate a network of specialists and a range of programmes focused on delivering practical and policy solutions in line with the values of the Commonwealth.

Underlying the foundation of the Commonwealth Security and Resilience Group are the principles of the Commonwealth Charter on Peace and Security:


"International peace and security, sustainable economic growth and development, and the rule of law are essential to the progress and prosperity of all."


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