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Weekly Spotlight

Shining a spotlight on some of the key security stories from across the Commonwealth.

1. Barbados and Dominica named as two of the safest places in the Caribbean and Latin America in latest report.

The World Citizenship Report, produced by advisory firm CS Global Partners, has named Dominica and Barbados as two of the safest places in the Caribbean and Latin America, placing Dominica 33rd globally, only just behind Uruguay and Costa Rica as the third most secure in the region. In providing the reasoning behind its position, the report highlighted Dominica’s development of climate-resilient infrastructure to mitigate the effects of weather storms. ‘The region has also placed emphasis on physical safety, rule of law, and political stability’, the report continued, ‘Dominica [also] ranks high in categories like voice and accountability, where citizens feel empowered to hold leaders accountable’. Meanwhile, Dominica and the wider Caribbean is thought to offer ‘global citizens access to some of the best travel and economic markets in the world through its growing roster of visa-free and visa-on-arrival destinations’, in the words CS Global Partners CEO.

2. Hundreds killed as bandits continue to wreak violence and mayhem in northwest Nigeria.

3. Pakistan’s first National Security Policy looks to improve ties with India.

4. Tropical Storm Cody forces over 4,000 to evacuate in Fiji and heads towards New Zealand.


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