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Weekly Spotlight

Shining a spotlight on some of the key security stories from across the Commonwealth

1. 58 killed by bandits in Kaduna and Borno states, Nigeria.

Bandits and insurgents are thought to have killed a total of 58 people last weekend in the state of Kaduna, northern Nigeria, and Borno, in the north-east. In Kaduna, bandits - which have significantly increased their activities in the region recently - are thought to have been responsible for the killing of 38 of that total. Security agencies are reported to have now stepped up patrolling efforts in the area. Meanwhile, Boko Haram has been identified as behind an attack in the village of Kilanga, Borno, that resulted in 20 deaths. The incidents have been condemned by President Myhammadu Buhari, who also ‘affirmed that [Nigeria’s] security forces have turned the heat on the terrorists who are getting frustrated and are soft-targeting innocent citizens, looting their assets, burning their homes and killing them indiscriminately’.

2. South African soldier killed by insurgents in Mozambique.

3. Death toll reaches 27 as flooding hits Malaysia.

4. Australian Defence Force partner with Vanuatu police for training exercises.


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