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Weekly Spotlight

Shining a spotlight on some of the key security stories from across the Commonwealth.

1. Regions of Canada and India hit by severe flooding.

Heavy rainfall in British Columbia, Canada’s western province, and the state of Andhra Pradesh in south-east India have caused significant flooding, requiring the assistance of emergency services in recovery efforts. 120 personnel of the Canadian Armed Forces have been deployed in the city of Abbotsford, as well as over 200 in Surrey, to provide assistance in the wake of severe floods that inundated much of British Columbia last week. Defence Minister Anita Anand stated the armed forces would be there ‘over the next 30 days, and possibly longer if needed’ to help those affected. The flooding has been described as a once-in-500 year event by Canadian officials, and has so far claimed four lives.

Flooding in Andhra Pradesh (Image: India Today)

Meanwhile, at least 40 people have been killed and thousands more displaced in Andhra Pradesh following torrential rain on Friday 19 November. The downpour swelled the Chitravathi, Papagni and Penna rivers and caused cracks in one of the largest reservoirs in the Tirupati district. The Indian Navy, state police and Disaster Response Forces have all been used in rescue efforts across 1,366 villages across the state. 35,000 people have been placed in relief camps in the city of Nellore. Essential food supplies, including rice and cooking oil, are also to be distributed to each family affected by the floodwater, as announced by the Andhra Pradesh government.

2. Gun attack in southwest Cameroon school kills 4.

3. President of Seychelles emphasises importance of secure maritime links in address to COMESA heads of state.

4. India and Sri Lanka coast guards involved as Trilateral ‘Dosti’ is held in the Maldives.

5. Protesters attempt to storm Solomon Islands’ parliament in Honiara.


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